Can I Roof Over My Existing Shingles?

At the point when home or building proprietors are on the lookout for another rooftop, one of the primary inquiries they pose is “Do I need to remove my old rooftop, or can I simply rooftop over it?” It can be a troublesome inquiry to answer on the grounds that while it is conceivable to rooftop over a solitary existing layer of shingles, it is consistently a superior plan to detach the old shingles and introduce a totally new rooftop.

As of recently 2000, it was legitimate to introduce up to 3 layers of shingles on a solitary rooftop. In any case, Utah’s construction standards changed, and now the construction regulations permit just two material layers on a solitary rooftop.

It is effectively expected that the more layers you have on a rooftop, the more assurance you have, yet that isn’t actually evident. It is in every case better to remove the whole rooftop: the underlayment, the shingles, and the flashings.

Regardless of whether your present shingles are ideal for introducing a subsequent layer, the new shingles won’t arrange to your present shingles. It makes a cover, basically keeping the new shingles from fixing admirably. This can bring about shingles brushing off effectively in lower winds. Additionally, on the off chance that you take a gander at the rooftop from the beginning, will be obvious that the shingles don’t arrange.

You may pick that you might even now want to rooftop over your current shingles to set aside cash. It costs about a large portion of the cost to rooftop over existing shingles. Nonetheless, there are a few necessities your rooftop should meet to settle on this choice practical.

To begin with, has your rooftop been spilling? Odds are that the underlayment (a waterproof material introduced simply under your shingles) is spilling. The underlayment is significant on the grounds that it can keep water out in any event, when your shingles don’t. In the event that your rooftop is spilling, you should detach your current rooftop and introduce another one with the underlayment done effectively.

Another factor is the state of your present shingles. It is safe to say that they are laying level on your rooftop? In the event that the shingles are twisting or rough, it would be hard for the new shingles to set down appropriately and in this way the sealer strip (a segment of tar that seals the shingles down) won’t hold the shingles together in blustery conditions. At the point when this occurs, the shingles will be inclined to brushing off in patches with moderate breezes, after a seemingly endless amount of time after year. This could bring about the rooftop’s life being enormously lessened.

In the occasion you have two layers, it is critical to keep away from the impulse to remove the top layer and go over the base layer. Beside the way that this is against Utah’s Uniform Building Code, you won’t have a smooth surface to go over with the top layer. In the event that you can envision all the nails from the top layer that are abandoned, you can imagine the issues that happen when nails are beat down, or pulled. In any case, the black-top shingles in the base layer get pretty bitten up!

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